Embracing Diversity

Each child and their home life are completely unique even when there are cultural similarities to other families. From the first time we meet children we work with them and their parents to learn as much about their family life as possible. This includes who they live with, the languages they speak at home or their family’s heritage. This is what makes our nursery so diverse; diverse in family structure, spoken languages and skin colour and we embrace as much of the children’s cultures into nursery as we can. We work with families to understand what is important to them, whether it be festivals, such as Holi, Ramadan or Christmas or their favourite family meal – we will do our best to reflect it whilst the children are in nursery.

We look after children at such a vital time in their life and we believe that how we talk about the world around us and the people in it helps create the foundation for acceptance and tolerance of each other. We weave in the fundamental British Values into our ethos and curriculum and our team are great role models at embracing diversity.

  • Democracy – We show children that their views count and to respect other ideas and opinions even if they are different from their own.
  • Individual Liberty – We encourage children to be confident in their own abilities. We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and help them understand everyone is free and allowed to have different ideas.
  • Rule of Law - We ensure that all children understand their own and others behaviour and help them to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith – We explain to and support children to share and respect one another. We consistently challenge gender, cultural and racial stereotypes and create an inclusive environment where all families are welcomed and celebrated regardless of their faith, religion, culture or family structure. We encourage the children to have an appreciation and mutual respect for their own culture and others that may be different to theirs.