Our Team

At Lakehouse we currently employ 34 members of staff. ‘It’s our nature to nurture’ applies just as much to the team, as it does to our children. We have an incredibly rigorous recruitment process and we only recruit individuals that are passionate about early years education and have the relevant experience. We have always been complemented on our fabulous team, and a happy team make for happy children; therefore, we are confident that we can provide your precious little ones with the best care possible.

  • Our Early Years Educators are passionate, dedicated, and experienced.
  • We never use agency staff so you will see the same faces day in day out.
  • We employ our own Chefs, Cleaners, Finance and Maintenance team who are all AMAZING.
  • We are really proud of our high staff retention – 50% have over 3 years’ service, 10% have been with us since we opened in 2011!
  • Our team have over 400 years of Early Years’ teaching experience.
  • The average age of our team is 35.
  • All our key workers are level 3 qualified, and 20% of our team are qualified to degree level.
  • We continually invest in Professional Development opportunities to ensure we are up to date with new research and thinking. This ensures we are offering the children at Lakehouse the best possible care and education and our team are at the top of their profession.
  • For your piece of mind 100% of our staff have a paediatric first aid certificate and we provide refresher training annually.
  • We are proud to offer Apprenticeship and Play worker opportunities for those thinking about a career in Early Years. We currently have 2 apprentices and 2 play workers employed at Lakehouse.

"I want Lakehouse and Stationhouse Nurseries to be a great place to work, where magic moments are experienced by adults and children alike. Where everyone is passionate about being the best they can be, and feels supported to do so. A place where you feel inspired, a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel successful, a place where you feel challenged. A place where you work because you want to, not because you have to. It’s in our nature and our nurture after all......” Zoe Parsons Founder and Director.